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PL-3 - Roommate wanted.

Great duplex close to the U!

Male pediatric PL-3 needs one roommate to share duplex. Great location! The place is 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. There is also a kitchen, living room, and rec room in the basement that I've put a ping-pong table in! There is a nice backyard with a grill. There is also a detached garage. Lots of space for stuff. The second bedroom was my office, but I put a wireless router in a few months ago, and now I never use it. That bedroom is on the SW corner of the house.

Rent is $900. Gas is about $100, electricity $25 and internet $45. Cable TV and water provided by landlord. Roommate and I will share all these... your cost: only $535 / mon!

Address is 1053 12th Ave SE, Minneapolis 55414. 7 minutes to U or HCMC, 12 to Minneapolis Children's, 18 to Children's STP and 20 to Regions / Gillette. Never traffic in the direction you're driving.

Email for more info!

Thanks, Neil