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State of Iowa Termini

  Western Entry Eastern Entry
1926- Near Canton, SD Marquette
(near Prarie du Chien, WI)

Western Entry

US 18 enters the state of Iowa from South Dakota over the Big Sioux River, about two miles east of Canton, SD. If you have, or can get pictures of this site, please let me know.

Eastern Entry

US 18 enters into Iowa over the Marquette-Joliet Bridge, which spans between Marquette, Iowa and Prairie du Chein, Wisconsin. The current bridge was built in 1974, and replaced a suspension bridge built in 1932 (the first suspension bridge across the mighty Miss).

Crossing the Mississippi River into Wisconsin on US 18. Photo by Monte Castleman.

The last signs on Iowa's US 18 before you get on the bridge (which is visible in the background). Picture by Jason Hancock.

The Marquette-Joliet bridge, as seen from below the bridge, on Bus US 18 in Marquette, IA. Looking northeast. Picture by Jason Hancock.

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