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State of Iowa Termini

  Northen Entry Southern Entry
1926- Minnesota State Line
north of Northwood
Missouri State Line
at Lineville

US 65 has had various alignments through the state of Iowa, however has always exited and entered at the same places.

Northern Entry

When US 65 was commissioned in 1926, it followed the route of the old Jefferson Highway auto trail. When paving was complete in 1930 across Iowa and north to US 65's terminus in Minneapolis, Iowa and Minnesota placed a commemmorative plaque at the Iowa-Minnesota state line. All pictures by Monte Castleman, February 2003.

An overview of the bordercrossing, looking north along US 65 from Iowa into Minnesota. The no passing zone (southbound) is just on the border. On the right you'll see the stone, type II Welcome to Minnesota sign. Also, notice the smaller Jefferson Highway marker.

A close up on the two stone markers seen above.

Inscription on the Jefferson Highway plaque. More information about the Jefforson highway.

US 65 begins its short Minnesota segment with mile marker 300! This way it avoids confusion with the 273 mile long MN 65. Photo by Monte Castleman.

Southern Entry

US 65 enters the state of Iowa from Missouri in Wayne County at appropriately named Lineville, IA. If you have, or can get pictures of this border crossing, please let me know!!

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