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Union Pacific Olympic Torch Train

On Thursday, January 10, 2002, the Union Pacific's locomotives 2001 and 2002 led the Olympic Torch Relay Train out of Omaha. Pictures below were taken in the rail yard in downtown Omaha, just south of Union Station. To enlarge a photo, click on it.

The Torch Car

The Torch Bearing car, with the cauldron at the rear, sits in front of Union Station.
Union Pacific shield proudly displayed on back.
The car has stairs, so the torchbearer can climb and light the cauldron.
A good view of the cauldron.

The Locomotives

Olympic Torch Locomotive 2002 leads the train, and Omaha's skyline is in the background.
Locomotive 2002.
Look out! Here comes the torch train.
Both locomotives are decorated for the olympics.
Right side of 2002.
Zoom in on the cab of 2002.
Locomotive 2002 says "Salt Lake 2002"
Locomotive 2001 says "Olympic Torch Relay"

The Passenger Cars

"Feather River" sits in front of Union Station.
"City of San Francisco" is decorated for the Olympics: "Light the Fire Within"
All the cars are decorated with Olympic designs.
"Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Torch Relay"

Other Pictures

Locomotives 2001 and 2002 await while sitting over 13th Street in Omaha.
Locomotive 8152 leads a coal train eastbound toward the Olympic Torch Train and over the Missouri River.
Locomotive 8152 zooms by.

Page created February 21, 2002, when I should have been studying.

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