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Page 1: June 4-7, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan

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June 4: Omaha to Des Moines: I-80

Approaching Des Moines. At the west mixmaster, traffic ahead follows I-235 into downtown, and I-80/35 bypasses to the north
An old, bubble-style BGS. "Chicago" is new, you can see "Davenport" behind it. Also you can see a Iowa highway Circle to the right of both interstate shields. IA 60 used to be multiplexed here, before 1966. Old sign, eh?
Seeing triple? This gas station at IA 28 / I-35/80 has Standard, Amoco, and BP signs!

June 5: Des Moines to Indianapolis

I-80 from Des Moines to Iowa City
Avenue of Saints (US 218, IA 27/394, US 61) to Hannibal, Missouri
IA 27 represents the Avenue of the Saints across Iowa. Here, it's multiplexed with US 218 south of Mount Pleasant
The Avenue of the Saints won't go into Keokuk, but instead will follow IA 394 west of town, and over the Des Moines River.
A bridge is being built, just east of the US 218 / IA 394 intersection to carry the AOS over US 218 into Keokuk.
Here, near Argyle, the AOS crosses a bridge over Lee Co. W62 and the BNSF railroad.
The southern terminus of Iowa Hwys 394 and 27.
The only toll bridge over the Des Moines River. Cost $0.50 for cars.
The toll booth on the Missouri side.
US 24 meets US 61 west of Quincy, Illinois. I almost missed the curve in the road ahead! Yikes!
US 24 leaves US 61 here, north of Hannibal.
US 61 meets I-72 and US 36. A SPUI interchange, and the first one I've seen with the freeway on top. As far as I could tell, I-72 wasn't signed west of here.
The westbound onramp had a US 36 shield on it. (The yield sign seems out of order!)
I-72 to Decatur, Illinois
Missouri 79 was the last exit in Missouri. The exit number is 157; this mileage is based on that of future I-72 through Missouri, with a western terminus at I-35, near Cameron.
Bicyclists are allowed on the I-72 bridge over the Mississippi, but must stay in the right shoulder.
The last signs in Missouri have the state name on the interstate shield.
I-172 exits north as Exit 4A. Mainline I-72 also gets an exit number.
US 36 to Indianapolis
Exit in Tuscola, Illinois, for north and south US 45!
Through Illinois, east of I-57, US 36 was co-signed as ALT I-70. This is strange... what is ALT 70, and why isn't it using US 40?
Another picture of Alt 70 and US 36.
The Indiana state line.
Alt 70 left US 36 at the IN 63 expressway toward Terre Haute.
Matt and Riley welcomed me to Indianapolis!

June 7: Indianapolis to Detroit

I-465 around the western side of Indianapolis
Exit here back on I-74 back to Peoria.
The newly renumbered I-865. Nice, mesmorizing blinking lights.
US 31 to South Bend
Beans, beans, they're good for your heart. Check out some more of my funny road signs.
Approaching the new US 24 intechange on the next hill.
Signage at the US 24 junction.
US 31 meets US 30.
Vasectomy reversal? Think that's needed often in northern Indiana?
US 31 meets the St. Joe valley parkway on the south side of South Bend.
When US 33 was decommissioned east of Elkhart, it was replaced by IN 933. Here, they just slapped the state marker on top of the old US shield. The result looks remarkably like an old-style US shield with the state name included!
Notre Dame!
What?? A Starbucks in LaFortune?
The dome and Washington Hall seen from stonehenge on a beautiful day.
Beautiful art on the inside of the dome.
M-60 to Jackson, MI
The western terminus of M-60 near Niles, MI. See also Dan Garnell's M-60 page.
The eastern terminus of M-60 near Jackson, MI. See also Dan Garnell's M-60 page.
I-94 and M-14 into Metro Detroit.
M-14 links I-94 with I-96 by bypassing Ann Arbor to the north. Here, it splits with US 23.
M-14 ends here, where I-96 and I-275 come together near Northville and Plymouth

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