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Page 3: June 16-17, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota

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June 16: East Lansing to Mendota, Illinois

Route: I-69 to I-94 to I-80
with side trips to M-100, M-79, M-78, M-51, M-152, M-139, M-239
Leaving Michigan State U, this sign helps you find the right freeway.
A picture full of signs in East Lansing
I exit from I-69 to I-94. Note that US 27 is still signed with I-69 here.
Crossing future US 31 betwwen M-152's western terminus and Benton Harbor.
On the southside of Benton Harbor, M-139 meets I-94. US 31 does intersect here, but the arrows are misleading. The turn to North US 31 is still 3/4 mile ahead.
Signage to Niles, MI, near downtown St. Joe.
BL 94 follows the lake shore in downtown Benton Harbor and St. Joe; it is part of the Lake Michigan Circle Tour.
South of Benton Harbor and St. Joe, the circle tour follows I-94 (although this sign doesn't indicate which way to go!)
A useful guide sign with directions and control cities.
IN 39 ends and MI 239 begins only about 3/4 mile south of I-94.
Entering Indiana on I-94.
US 20 and US 35 meet I-94 here. Avoid the Toll Road and take this route to South Bend.
Approaching the I-80/90 Toll Road, we see the two route into Chicago.
Woah, where did the I-80/90 shields go?? It is inexcusable to be missing these signs at the exit. Looks like another job for Richard Ankrom and Guerilla Public Service.
Just off the exit ramp, the route shields reappear, but alas, it's too late.
At the I-57 intersection, we see perhaps two of the most distant control cities: Des Moines and Memphis!
Looking up toward the I-57 north signage, the signs direct us to "Iowa," not Des Moines.

June 17, AM: Mendota, Illinois to Chicago

Route: I-80 to I-55 to Hist US 66 on Joliet and Ogden,
then Hist US 32 to Lincoln Park
I-55's exit from I-80 eastbound. 80's control city is Toledo, OH.
US 34 terminates at it's historic junction with US 66. (note the brown shields for Hist 66)
BEGIN US 34. Begin signs are unsual.
The other side features a typical END sign. More terminus pictures at Dale Sanderson's site.
The weirdest US hwy sign I've ever seen! The numbers are right-side up, but look carefully and notice that the shield is sideways!
I thought this redhead in downtown Chicago was cute! No, I'm not a stalker!!
The end of IL 64 at the south end of Lincoln Park. Route 64 still stretches into Iowa (to Anamosa) and used to come all the way to Omaha.
Travelling north on US 41, Lake Shore Drive, we're back on the Lake Michigan Circle Tour.
An Alexander Hamilton (was he from Chicago) statue and the BFO Elk's headquarters were in Lincoln Park.
This was the northern terminus of short-lived US 32 at the north side of Lincoln Park. US 32 travelled from Chicago to Omaha along the route that is now US 6.
Looking back at US 32's terminus (and Hamilton's ass). Stockton Dr represents US 32's beginning, and Cannon Dr was formerly US 41 and Lake Shore Drive. More pictures of US 32's terminus at Dale Sanderson's website.
A map of Lincoln Park from 1909 was posted in a kiosk. It hints at the former alignment of these roads.
Enjoying my Jimmy John's sandwich on the lakeshore.

June 17, PM: Chicago to Austin, MN

Route: US 41 to US 14 to US 12 to Wisc Co Road
to I-90 to MN 16 to I-90
Driving past the friendly confines, the best staduim in America. Go Cubs!
An exit off US 12 in Lake County. Look! Somewhere else you can eat and get gas!
Entering Wisconsin on US 12.What a wonderful welcome, a four lane road! (US 12 in Illinois was painfully slow with too many stoplights.)
Crossing I-43 on US 12.
Wisconsin puts black backgrounds behind their shields. I think this impairs recognition of the highway type.
On the other hand, nearly every major intersection was illustrated on a BGS. I'm a big fan!
I-94 from Milwaukee meets I 39/90 here.
Only in Wisconsin!
More black backgrounds. Blah.
I-90 was forgotten from this sign!
OK, it's on the next one.
I-39's north exit. Here it says "TO" US 51, where previous signs didn't mention this.
Western Wisconsin was quite scenic. I never expected such rock outcroppings.
I-90 and I-94 split.
Approaching LaCrosse, WI. US 53 goes north from here. Southbound, it is multiplexed with I-90 for a few miles west.
The southern terminus of US 53 in LaCrosse. More terminus pictures at Dale Sanderson's site. Note that Wisc 16 and Minn 16 follow the route of historic US 16.

Crossing the bridge on US 14, WI/MN 16, US 61. MN 16 has mile markes as if it was still US 16, continuing across the state toward Sioux Falls.

MN 16 travels through a beautiful valley west of here, unfortunately it was too dark to photograph.

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